Notre application mobile "ADR Marchandises Dangereuses"

Our app for iOS and Android

L'application Android "ADR Marchandises Dangereuses" L'application iOS "ADR Marchandises Dangereuses"

Do you handle dangerous goods at work? Have you ever had to look up something in the ADR reference but didn’t have it with you? Then you need this app!

ADR Dangerous Goods makes it easy to search for any topic in the ADR regulations and to review its properties. The app also helps you with value-based amount, mixed loading, tunnel codes, special provisions, etc.

  • ADR 2023
  • Quickly find the substance you’re looking for
  • Save substances you’re handling or loading in a list
  • Automatic value calculation
  • Automatic load warning
  • Information about:
    • Tunnel codes
    • Limited amount
    • Special provisions
    • Classes and labels
    • Mixed loading / co-handling
    • Danger numbers
  • Swedish, English, German, Danish and Norwegian

Our app is one of the most advanced, highest ranked and longest existing ADR apps on the market. Since 2012, we have offered software that is tailor made for people working with ADR - truck drivers, logistics- and warehouse workers, chemical engineers, etc. Now it's also available for iOS!

We have put great value in keeping the app updated and correct ever since ADR 2011 through ADR 2023 - and we continue to update it when the regulations are updated, so you don't have to worry about the information being old and invalid (unlike most free apps and web pages, which are rarely or never updated).

The app is free to try for 3 days, after that you need a paid subscription (purchased inside the app). In order for the free trial to begin, you must sign up for one of the subscription plans in the app. If you choose to cancel the subscription within the trial period, you will not be billed. Otherwise the subscription will begin automatically after the trial period. You may of course cancel your subscription at any time.