CHARGES, SHAPED, without detonator
1.4S, (E)
ADR section specifies 0 points (unlimited amount) for this substance

Data for UN 0441, CHARGES, SHAPED, without detonator

UN-number 0441
Name CHARGES, SHAPED, without detonator
Class 1
Classification 1.4S
Packing group
Labels 1.4
Danger number
Transport category 4
Tunnel code (E)
Special provisions 347 172
Limited quantity 0
Excepted quantity E0
Packing instructions P137
Special packing provisions PP70
Mixed packing provisions MP23
Portable tank and bulk container instructions
Portable tank and bulk container special provisions
Tank codes for ADR tanks
Special provisions for ADR tanks
Vehicle for tank carriage
Special provisions for carriage: Packages
Special provisions for carriage: Bulk
Special provisions for carriage: Loading and unloading CV1 CV2 CV3
Special provisions for carriage: Operation S1